Modern emotional support your employees will love.

Join leading companies that have changed the lives of their employees worldwide by providing them with advanced emotional support.

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Why choose ifeel

Everyone is a unique person with unique needs. ifeel combines advanced technologies with licensed professionals to create a unique journey for each employee. We customize the experience and the interaction with professionals based on the need of each employee.

By helping teams all over the world, we help them build resilience and perform in an optimum way. The organization experiences lower sick leaves, higher productivity and more committed employees.

Easy implementation for success


We provide the HR team all the information required for an easy launch of the ifeel service. We achieve on average ten times (10X) better onboarding results than other EAP and health plans thanks to our unique care.

Employees access

Employees can access the services on-demand. They can use the platform for all their needs: from self care tools - such as meditation audios, stress-relieving exercises etc. to 1-on-1 chat and video sessions with licensed professionals.

Ongoing HR support

The HR managers receive monthly reports, internal and external communication support and a professional company overview to evaluate the overall status of the employee base.

ifeel: Modern emotional support your employees will love

Some of the benefits for your organization

A service that creates high impact


A stigma-free and secure space where the employees can freely express themselves in a totally confidential way.

Holistic solution

Thanks to our unique solution and employee care we aim to assist 100% of the employees. We collaborate directly with our professionals so there is no need for external referrals.

Data driven results

Organizations receive real insights and quantified data to present the impact and develop actionable measures.

High engagement

ifeel is designed to engage employees and enhance the overall corporate wellbeingness of your organization.

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How many employees work in your organization?



are struggling with some form of mental health issue.



lost per year due to work-related stress, depression, and anxiety.



the annual cost related to unattended mental health issues in the organization.

Source: estimates are based on data from Deloitte, HSE and the Centre for Mental Health.

Impact your employee productivity

Productivity at work increased by 36%

Comorbid anxiety symptoms decreased by 50%

Hours missed work over 7-day period following treatment decreased by 50%

Source: the Effect of Messaging Therapy for Depression and Anxiety on Employee Productivity Meghan DellaCrosse1 & Kush Mahan2 & Thomas D. Hull1.
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Healthier organization, Happier employees

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